What is coliving?

Coliving is a modern housing arrangement that offers private living spaces within a shared community. It allows individuals to rent fully furnished (or unfurnished) suites or apartments while enjoying shared common areas and amenities.

What are the benefits of coliving?

Coliving provides the perfect balance between privacy and social interaction. It offers cost savings since each roommate is responsible for their portion of the lease. It alsocreates a sense of community, fosters new friendships, and includes conveniences like in-unit laundry.

What does a typical coliving suite include?

A typical coliving suite consists of a private bedroom, bathroom, and closet. These spaces can be fully furnished or unfurnished, allowing residents to find a space that suits their needs. Furnished rooms include a bed with a mattress, a dresser, and a desk with a chair.

How does coliving handle lease agreements?

With coliving, each roommate has their own separate lease agreement. This means that you are only responsible for your portion of the lease, providing you with financial independence and avoiding potential complications related to shared lease responsibilities.

Can I have privacy in a coliving arrangement?

Absolutely! Coliving communities prioritize privacy. With separate locks and keys to your private bedrooms and bathrooms, you can retreat to your personal space whenever desired. However, the shared common areas also offer opportunities for socializing and connecting with other like-minded individuals.

Can I pick my roommates?

Absolutely! As long as we have the availability, you and your friends can sign separate leases for the same shared apartment. If you need help finding another person, we've got you covered! Our roommate matching survey will find you someone that's the perfect fit.